What is Photoshop Expert

Welcome to Photoshop Xpert, where we can teach you how to become a graphic designer — in just a single lesson. Yes, that’s that’s correct. This one tutorial CD will teach you all you need to know in the basics of photoshop and graphic designs. After this one tutorial unlike any other tutorial,” YOU WILL BECOME A GRAPHIC DESIGNER”!



First & Far most, people generally understand new information from a conceptual and philosophical perspective. Based on this fact & principle, we’ve developed an incredible conceptual teaching system that will teach anyone how to consistently create hundreds of 3d design, animated, & photolithography arts works of any kind. Photoshop Xpert one only tutorial system, uses only 12 of the 400 tools in the ubiquitous graphic design software, Photoshop, along with 3 key principles of executing a design, thought, idea, or vision. The amount of tools, & functions, in photoshop makes  learning such complex software, a dull, long, and daunting task. So, after 21 years of experience, knowledge, practicetrial and error, we recognized that 90% of the tools in photoshop have dual or comparable functions


Opening photoshop can look like a maze, and it takes months to learn your way around the program. Trying to locate all the necessary tools and functions can be incredibly frustrating. In answer, we created Photoshop Xpert as a simple solution that cuts through the complexity of the software itself, To teach you in one tutorial all you’ll ever need to remember, and know as a graphic designer. Your time is valuable; don’t sit through interminable hours of tutorials, only to remember a fraction of the material. That’s hardly an effective or inspiring way to become a graphic artist. 

Perhaps you’re feeling skeptical and considering just scrolling through YouTube for free Photoshop lessons. After working in this profession for almost 25 years, we’ve come to recognize the truth in the cliché, You get what you pay for. Here’s why. YouTube tutorials are not effective at teaching you Photoshop in just a few lessons because they’re not designed to teach you the essential techniques or concepts of graphic design. Rather, they merely use their artistry and platform, so you can observe them creating masterpieces, without giving you the knowledge to create your own. You simply learn how to copy what they’ve already created. Copying is not creating. Their objective is merely to increase views andsubscribers, and to keep you coming back for the next how-to video. This system involves countless tutorials that retain you as a subscriber while you only learn to mimic their style or technique of graphic design.